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Ok. After having issues with sounds glitching while using Playtime a while ago (kind of like a buffering issue), it seems to have stopped happening now.
Not sure why but there has been a few Reaper updates since the last time i used it. Still haven't downloaded V6 yet, going to give it a few months before i download it.

Anyways i am considering getting a launchpad but before i do can anyone tell me if the RGB lights have been integrated to match up with track colours or know if it's planned? Not that it's a deal breaker.
As it appears helgoboss hasn't been here in a while and i find the documentation not answering the question fully.
It does say "Triggering clips with visual feedback is supported on all listed controllers. Features beyond that might not."
Just not sure if that is other features the unit has that may not be supported or if it's any more than just pure visual feed back to show what slot is playing, stopped, recording, etc etc.
Any info would be much appreciated.
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