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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
osxmidi, that sounds like cool stuff. I'm wondering if you can explain a bit to us plebs how this realtime version of linvst goes about lowering latency. I'm assuming that running an rt kernel is required to take advantage of it. Thanks for your work!
It sets the audio thread at a higher priority level.

But I've had the audio thread enabled at a higher priority level before but with problems that made some plugins lock the host (Reaper) up but this new rt version (hopefully) gets around that problem.

If the audio thread gets too much priority then it can lock out the GUI and host (Reaper) and maybe even threads that the plugin is using (Wine is running those threads), but the audio thread needs to be at a higher priority to get lower latencies, so it was a problem especially for some plugins.

A real time kernel isn't essential, but it will help.

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