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Originally Posted by 4duhwinnn View Post
Gave 1.05rt what I reckoned to be a difficult try,
using a pad From Absynth, an e-piano sound from Prism in Reactor5,
and an ensemble from the user library in Reaktor6,
playing a roiling sequence preset, but it was a
pretty enjoyable little band. Then I fired up BigTick's Rhino,
to play some syncopated sequence presets, followed by oldies
like Oatmeal, Abakos and Auger, Rob Papens RG_Muted_CM and SQ8L.

Surpisingly, FM8 was really glitchy, it's been far pickier
on, and then off, when used with vst wrapping, than the other NI apps I use.
A coder at NI must have had a bad hair week or three...

32bit synthedit plugins scan and display OK, but still
lock up reaper gui immediately, this being a previous issue not
native of this new release. Hoping for a 32bit linux reaper,
willing to buy a separate license, should it matter.
I've changed a few things and updated LinVst-rt 1.05

Another general thing is that pre-zero output buffers being set to off makes a latency difference on my test system but it might be hardware dependent.

This option tells REAPER to zero the output buffers of the hardware BEFORE rendering to them, which on some hardware can reduce "stuck buffer sounds" in certain instances. If you do not hear anything wrong, leave this option disabled (since it uses extra CPU). If you have occasional blips in your output, you can try enabling this. This option is especially useful for RME hardware.

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