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Please add me as a +1 on these feature requests.

For me, the most helpful of these might be the simplest to implement.

Master Project video playback in subprojects.
Master Project marker visibility in subprojects (if markers can be locked to H:M:S:F)

To explain my workflow. One episode or reel is a master project. Each cue is a subproject. Master project is always HMSF, subprojects are almost always bar/beat though sometimes I change for spotting. I'd like some markers to lock to HMSF.... those could be from the master project.

My subproject master channel is 64 channels. These are my stems. Those stem feed the master project where the 64 channel subproject renders get routed out into their stems channels.

This is by far the best film/tv workflow of any DAW. Automatic stem printing and drag and drop reuse of cue to be edited to new scenes.

*****Having the master project be the video master would save hours of work every week******

Please implement if it's simple.

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