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I've found that I can save presets for each "state" of a VEP plugin, i.e. whether it is connected or not to its server instance. For example, I might have the following presets:

* connect to piano/keys instance
* connect to strings instance
* disconnected

According to this thread, I can automate switching between presets:

So, I'm pretty sure that the only way around this is to put automation on the VEP instance tracks to:

* enable VEP instance at start of subproject
* disable VEP instance at end of subproject

That would be an acceptable workaround for rendered subprojects. A bit fiddly, but workable.

However it will never really work for "live subprojects", because I think a project's subprojects will always overlap a bit. So the end of the first subproject will happen after the beginning of the second subproject. And so the automation to enable the second subproject will happen before the automation to disable the first subproject happens.

I may go down this work and try to document it, but honestly at this point, I feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle with this approach.

I'm sorry that my posts are getting increasingly off topic, but I've been chasing the modular composition workflow for a long time, and it seems like Reaper's subprojects really could work for this. But honestly, I think for it to work well, Reaper really needs something like Digital Performer's V-Rack feature.

So, on that note, I'm going to go play around with the demo of Digital Performer for a while and see how that goes
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