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I really want to love subprojects, but always end up frustrated. It seems they got 95% there then were abandoned. (1 changelog entry in 20 months)

Fixing these tiny quirks would be a major improvement:
(I typically use the action to move tracks to a subproject so maybe some of these problems are specific to that.)

1) Using the recording file name format for subprojects isn't a good idea. Ask for a name, or have a preference.

No one wants their drum subproject named $track $month$day $hour$minute

2) Don't render immediately when a subproject is created. At least give us a chance to set the start/end points. My projects never start at bar 1 and often have unused parts/sections at the end that I don't want rendered.

3) Don't re-render unchanged subprojects. I always keep the save option to copy media checked, and this causes each subproject to re-render. I can't think of any reason to re-render an unchanged project, especially automatically.

4) An option for manual only subproject rendering, with a few subprojects open that dialog gets intrusive. Assume the user knows what they are doing (a warning about out of date subprojects when rendering the main project might be useful however).

5) Optionally copy all regions/markers, they are probably relevant to the song structure, and losing them makes navigating subprojects more difficult than it needs to be.

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