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Default Project Template Example

Here's an example of a show template with 10 stereo stems (I work on one show that uses all 32)

Things to notice:

The master cue session template(m00) in the audio files folder as well as all the cue subprojects. m00 is never imported into the session and only exists as a stand alone to create cue subprojects. I make a copy of the session then import the copy that's been renamed to match the cue and cut to the correct spot on the film/show.

The channel depth of the master fader in the subprojects.

The render matrix for printing stems (print stems using region and region matrix). use $region $track wildcards for naming stem outputs.

Subprojects are buffered at the front and back, but regions are from the downbeat of the cue for printing stems.

All of the routing. The subproject multitrack channel outputs to stem channels and stem channels routed to masterfader. The main session cue routing to stem splits.

Channels 1-2 of subproject renders will be blank if the multitracks are routed correctly. This ensure that all stems are getting to the stem tracks and the master session creates a new composite from the stem channels.

Download template:

Hope this helps.

What would make this workflow hands down the best in the industry is if Reaper were able to play the video from the master session in the subprojects so that importing project video and audio into each individual cue is unnecessary. That said, it's really not that big of deal importing into each cue.

One other thing, when I'm developing a track I don't need stems as I do the routing once the track in near completion. To prevent rendering blank channels from getting backup constantly I change the subproject masterfader to 2 channels until I've routed the multitracks to create stems. This keeps 'in development' renders down to 2 channels.

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