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Thanks for posting this!

The reason for this is that when slip editing the first item, the item ends up at a position which is not an even sample position (at 165bpm and 48khz 2.1.00 is 69818.2 samples in), so the glue uses that as a start position, and since some of the other slices are also at fractional sample positions, some of them end up differing by a single sample from the unglued version.

You could fix this by moving things to even sample offsets. If you set the option in project settings "force tempo/time signature changes to occur on whole samples", that will make grid lines automatically aligned to sample boundaries, so when you edit an edge that snaps to grid, it will force it to be at an even sample boundary. If you're worried about everything being sample-accurate, and your tempo is not a multiple of samples, this is a good idea!

We should probably make glueing round the start time to the nearest sample so that it matches playback, too (I'll look at doing this now).

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