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Default Would this $20 usb foot-switch work with Reaper?

I would like to control "live" looping through Reaper using foot-switch, so I can layer guitar parts without having to stop playing. I saw the "pok" wireless footswitch for $300, and have seen posts on people trying to program foot-switch through midi to control functions (which sounds complicated).

I then saw this for $20 on Ebay:

This has 3 footswitches to just generally control Windows functions, apparently designed for people with disabilities, not for musicians. It looks like those 3 footswitches can be programmed to signal any keyboard strokes or combination of strokes (though I'm not 100% on this, they say they are "programmable" and I cannot see how they would be useful to people with disabilities if they did not have such programmability). Anyway, it looks to me like it should do exactly what the $300 Pok does, only needing USB connection rather than being wireless (and fewer foot-switches, of course). Still, not bad for $20 if it works.

Anyway, if these are programmed for a combination of keystrokes, it should be simple to program them for the combination of keystrokes that would set up live looping, or any other Reaper command, at least as simply (if not more simply) than programming a foot-switch as midi controller. Am I missing something or will this work?


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