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Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
  • Being able to change the CSV of retval_csv separator from GetUseInput would be very welcome (imagine you have several lines, and in each of this lines, the user can enter text with commas or csv with comma too. Sure we can tell him to add quotes as prefix and suffix, but this extra info is not very user fiendly, it is easy for the user to mess with a comma, and then all the fields will be shift and it can have very bad consequences on destrcutive processing (like injecting metadata).
I already wrote a FR on this one long ago, but to no luck, yet...

I would prefer to get an array(maybe reaper-array?), in which every entry is it's own returned user-input-value, or, at least that GetUserInputs escapes commas as input by the user, so I could separate , from GetUserInputs from \, from actual user input .
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