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Firstly, apologies for my post here, as I have only had time to scan through these posts, but all look very promising for what I need to do.

I have asked on other posts, and Reaper 3rd party forums, and they pointed me to this post in particular. So hope I haven't missed anything, or that I'm repeating what's gone before.

Basically I am using Reaper and i need to 'beatmap'' full CD songs/tracks that i import from CD, that have tiny/drifting tempos of live drummers from 60's 70's etc. ie: a Disco track that bar 1 = 123.5bpm, bar = 122.2bpm etc, so they are all over the place!

Is there a quick and simple action/macro to build to use for example, 'dynamic split' with stretch markers to quantize and snap each beat of the bar and within the bars, so its locked to grid and maybe a solid tempo that i choose for my project like 125bpm in Reaper?

I have the latest Reaper and the latest SWS Extensions installed.

Again apologies if I am going over old ground, but I just can't see anyway to do this properly after looking at many tutorial videos, but on the other hand, know that Reaper would do this better than Ableton etc, and quicker with a combination of Macro's and Actions.

What actions would be the best way of doing this, if i imported a full song, roughly knew its bpm tempo (so I could set the Reaper project BPM), chopped of the intro 'air' of the CD track, so it starts on the first beat.

How would you go about getting these locked in time?

I know Reapers' Elastique seems and sounds far superior to Ableton, and I am sure it could be easier and quicker in Reaper!

Everything I have seen so far, seems to be for multitrack drummers/tracks of drums and other multi track instruments to get in time. Whereas I just want to do CD stereo tracks from original artists.

Also I don't need the variable tempo track that others have shown, to map every bar of a song, with the Master Track / Tempo lane. I personally need one single BPM and have the track 'snap' to that if that makes sense?
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