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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Yes, but that doesn't work as it should to be able to use for live performance ...
Reaper is a DAW, so it in fact is not "natively" intended or live usage. Only because of it's excellent programmability via several open APIs it's excellently usable as the basis for creating tools that serve multiple purposes. E.g. Live playing (using SWS Live Configs and other add-ons: I do this all the time), controlling Lighting (a friend of mine developed a hardware / software product that uses Reaper as a production tool for combined Sound & Light performances as well live (Music / Theater) as recorded (Dioramas / Snoozel-Rooms), etc.

If that is really viable, quantizing Midi signals (i.e. delay note-on messages according to midi timing massages) can be done in a plugin to be placed in a track's effect chain (JSFX -> easily doable as a script, but rather Reaper specific, or VST -> needs C language programming but will be installable everywhere).

Originally Posted by nofish View Post missing currently in Reaper
Yep. Like so much other stuff somebody might wants to get for Christmas


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