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Thanks for comments; more detail. I am recording two L/R tracks from a stereo microphone as individual tracks in Reaper and then trying to use Reaperís pan controls to separate them. I was using the Steinberg dspMix as a way to route headphone sends during the recording process and found that I could get pan controls after recording in the dspMix controls, but not in Reaper. My delay in responding was because I was trying to get an answer out of Steinberg support as to whether the dspMix software was storing settings in the hardware unit even when not using the software. They suggested that using the dspMix while running a DAW was not a good idea and likely to lead to compatibility issues, but wanted me to run Cubase to try and reset any controls in the hardware unit. My experience with Cubase and its tutorials was not a pleasant one, so I am going to be doing more tests this weekend and then contacting Steinberg again next week. This has been frustrating enough that I am considering just taking a loss on the 824 and starting over with a different interface. Any insights much appreciated.
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