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Default Send Program Change on Track Arm

Hi all.
I am searching for a backup solution, or permanent (who knows?!), for the first gig that my newly formed band will have in February. At the moment i am using and it seems to be fine (it hasn't had a crash or any fail during rehearsals till today).
I think that anybody thinks on backup solutions for live shows... herm... (Lol)

For the moment i don't need back-tracks or any pre-recorded stuff. All i need for now is Program Changes for my hardware: synths and effects.
I am expecting Song Switcher to help me with this, as i can already change Songs with it connected to my DIY midi foot switch (Teensy board with 4 foot switches in a box). I can also switch to Previous or Next track folder track in the Songs. So, no problem with Song Switcher and footswitch in that regards.

My problem is sending on Track-Arm the Program Changes that i put in each track with ReaControMidi. (I already created the Reabanks and it works in the plugin itself to send the changes for the hardware)
If i record a midi file and put those changes in the track it works when i press play. I prefer to not need to use the midi tracks for now or having to press play as this may turn to be a issue in some parts of the songs

- So, how can we send Program Changes when we arm a track? Or auto Play on Track Record-Arm?

P.S.: I am thinking on using a Raspberry Pi 4 for this with Reaper.
Before trying in Raspbian i am working on Windows 10 Reaper and would copy the process for Raspbian when this is found to be working.
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