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I econ that Reaper is perfect for your endeavor, if you take on the task of configuring the project appropriately. This forum will help a lot.

The Behringer UMC series is rumored not to provide the low latency needed to use it for Live playing. When I did my setup I bought an NI Auduio 6 as it's dedicatedly done with Live usage in mind.

Same obviously is done do be an out of the box usable Surface Control adapter. Supposedly it supports a dedicated way of workflow in a very good way, but it seems it is not intended for any flexibility. Hence it is neither suitable to work together with the "CSI" Reaper extension to provide a flexible configuration of mixing workflow nor does it seem to help with a versatile live setup.

I posted a comment regarding this issue in a thread dealing with ReaContrl ->
Maybe the expert might see it.

For a versatile Live setup you are going to need a lot of buttons / knobs / faders. I don't know if the control element provided by the keyboard will suffice. I first used a standard masterkeyboard for this, but later added an XTouch compact to the setup. Of course a pedal board is another great addition, especially if you want up/down buttons e.g. for song switching. Here I suppose a state display is mandatory, Having same on the keyboard would be perfect, as IMHO it's not a good idea to use a computer screen on stage, but a decent rack_mounted (or similar) PC is a better choice.


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