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Originally Posted by Martin777 View Post
I selected my MIDI Input as "Input Track" in LiveConfigs
Hence LiveConfis will change the routing appropriately.

In my setup I disabled the "Input Track" feature and did a permanent midi routing for all tracks manually, and having Reaper mute the not-to-be-played tracks. Did you find pout pros and cons for these alternatives ?

Originally Posted by Martin777 View Post
On each preset tracks there is an MIDI performer instance ...
This seems like a huge waste or resources.

I use Kontakt on a single of the many tracks that are selectable by LiveConfigs (for each of the three keyboards). I use "Slider To Midi PS" do send a program change message to Kontakt controlled by LiveConfigs in order to switch to the appropriate Kontakt-based patch. I suppose MIDI Performer (whatever plugin this might be) also understands program change messages, but I might be wrong.


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