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Originally Posted by Xenakios View Post
Note that the Juce licensing is not at all straightforward for closed source projects, there are licensing payments or other obligations involved. It's completely free to use only for GPL3 (open source) projects.
"We are introducing the Personal license, which is completely free and allows to release closed source applications as long as total yearly revenue is less than USD $50k.Apr 26, 2017"

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I am very grateful to WDL, IPlug, and all who collaborate with this project.

But some changes in IPlug2 are too different, large, I do not say that arbitrary but one spent years learning the clear mechanism of operation of IPlug 1, and those of IPlug2 surely in view of expanding its possibilities are very unilateral changes and different from those that We were using.

Try to adapt for weeks a smaller project just to understand that I would have been happy using IPlug1 but with a more powerful alternative graphics engine, especially to deal with retina / hidpi.

At this point I am doubting whether to go to the mainstream.
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