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If there are memory leaks in iPlug2 (and it sounds like you have seen some) we would hope to fix them. I have seen leaks with arcs on Skia GL on Mac (there is an issue up about that), but I'm unaware of the situation on windows. If you can help us narrow down where you are seeing leaks that would be really helpfully and bug reports of the GitHub are the *only* way to guarantee that we will be able to track the problem.

I'm wary that the conversation about hasn't all been positive so please let me explain why that is. If we get info about a possible issue that we cannot quickly and easily reproduce we do not always make an issue (as sometimes there are misunderstandings/user errors and that would bloat the issue list) so it relies on one of us remembering to come back to it and sometimes we will forget. If the issue is made on GitHub it is tracked and we will not close it without investigating it further.

In terms of bug reports the more specific you can be the better (for instance does it happen with SKIA GL only or also SKIA CPU?). We do appreciate any time that people put into making reports and trying to point out issues.
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