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no problem, mate!

I'm on Windows, I hope you, too. First: Close down Reaper! Then, to do the portable install, simply launch the Reaper install exe corresponding to your operating system. During this procedure, you can check a box labelled "portable install" and then point it to a location of your choice (a new, empty folder). Portable install means that every file will be placed into this new folder and a no. of sub-folders of it. Reaper is now self-contained inside this folder with all the files and settings it may need and doesn't interfere with system folders or user folders. Such a portable Reaper folder can be put onto a usb drive to take it with you anywhere you go incl. all your preferences (but excluding most of your plugins!).

After having "installed" Reaper in the portable manner (you actually only "extracted" all files it needs into the same folder) you launch it and you will probably have to choose your audio and midi devices and will have to adjust a few other preferences to make it work (like make it scan your VST plugin folders, define a temp recording folder, etc.). Finally, you can open your project and see if it behaves as expected. Chances are, that it WILL work as expected

Please report back!

Good luck, Jeff!

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