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I am absolutely at my wits' end now.

I made a master of 12 tracks in .WAV format, with built-in time gaps between tracks, with mastering compression and eq.

I made a portable install of Reaper 6.05 - 100% virgin, no added VSTs, no configuration adjustment.

I opened my master project in it, inserted the single .WAV file, and placed # markers per track. Then I rendered to BIN/CUE with the untouched default settings which includes 0 ms pause between tracks, and unchecked. Since there were no FX, the 55 min. audio rendered in about 30 seconds.

AGAIN I get a CD with an added 1000 ms pause and a *CLICK* inserted between tracks !!!!!!!!!

I am using the same CD burner I have had for 6 years, never a problem.

P L E A S E tell me how do I get rid of the pauses and clicks?

Maybe I will try a clean install of Reaper v.4
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