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Default Reatune Manual Correction Edit Points Moving Differently Than Audio Items

Hey all, first timer here and a brief search seems to indicate that this is a new-ish problem to ask about. I'll keep it brief as I can:

-Using reaper as the multitrack audio source for a musical where all music and sung vocals are recorded, now being played back to mix on the fly.
-All songs exist in 1 project file as one long timeline with gaps of time between each song.
-Reatune has been used on some vocals at different spots throughout the project

-As we've received some additional pieces of underscore music, etc, we use <insert empty space in selection> in the timeline to make space to fit these additional songs into the overall timeline of the show.

-The unforeseen negative effect is that the manual correction points in time in reatune have moved (or perhaps not moved at all) in the timeline differently than the audio items and regions.

I think what's happened is that the audio items and regions moved with the inserted empty space, but the manual reatune correction points stay at their original spot in the timeline.

Does anybody have a deeper insight/confirmation on this, and better yet, a way to insert empty space and have the tuning corrections move with everything else?

Many thanks!
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