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Default Upgrade to EZDrummer2


Toontrack offers and aks me to uograde. Is it worth it? EZ Drummer is nice, will I still be able to keep the old Version ?

I do not need songwritin Tools, I create drums in Reaper or add Midi Groove files.

What about percussion of EZ 2 ? Is it nice ?
EZ had quite a big midi library and EZ2 is said to have a bigger one, have they added new styles, some more Percussion files ? I mean a too huge library could be confusing !-?

EZ has 16 bit uqaliy, EZ2 has 24 bit, can you perceive a better or different quality ?

What about CPU usage, EZ was very CPU friendly ?

Donīt you think itīs better to wait for Black Friday deals ?
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