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Originally Posted by Dstruct View Post
So you expect the lenght to be shown as 1.0.0 when it actually isn't (becasue you don't have snap to grid enabled and the selection is not exactly 1.0.0 long)?

Otherwise I don't get it ...
Exactly. It's not snapping to the grid. It's snapping to the sample rate. These are not the same thing.

It's one of reasons I never have that option ticked. The main reason is that it causes item lengths that you think are trimmed to the grid to be rounded to the sample rate instead, so that when you duplicate an item that think you've trimmed to the grid, it gradually goes more off grid with each duplication.

If you are only doing straight recording/mixing and not editing/moving parts around then it's a non issue, but for those of us that are, it's a killer.
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