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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
Wow, that was fast. Thank you a lot, Breeder!
Unfortunately there are some discrepancies with the new theme and the cycled themes that come with ReWorked. Not a big deal, but seems I can't make the Reaper Deafult_6.0_Theme to appear correctly.
What do you mean? I just replaced Moon theme and now it holds Default 6 theme (previously it was a modded version of Default 5)?

If you want to use Default 6 theme, you can set it from the screensets window (ctrl+alt+w), but REAPER ReWorked has its own version of the Default 6.

If you mean discrepancies between cycling themes, I'm also not sure what are you referring to. I implemented all the layouts used by other themes. Can you please expand on what you have found to be wrong? The only thing that I have found to be a bit strange is coloring discrepancies of tracks. But that issue also plagues the original Default 6 theme - I'm still contemplating on how to solve it because in 99% of my own cases these coloring discrepancies aren't a problem but then in certain projects it just looks over the top. White Tie has solved it by giving us the option to dim the colors with theme adjuster (View->Preferences->Theme adjuster...)

Originally Posted by kudlatiy View Post
your site in unavailable
Try again, I never encountered it happen but maybe my web host (Weebly) does daily backups so it becomes unavailable for a certain short period of time?

Originally Posted by Someone64 View Post
The mixer FX rack seems to be broken in my installation. I followed exactly as said in the included pdf's instructions except I installed the bleeding edge version of SWS after as of the time of posting this (I really hope that's not the cause).

...(tracks named '--RACK01--' and it's children) in MCP.lua:169: bad argument #1 to 'SetMixerScroll' (MediaTrack expected)
This occurs when I interact with the FX rack before pressing F to remove it again.

Footage of it happening:

Another issue I found is when you are in inspector view and you select a folder:

This could be an issue with REAPER 6 or 6's new theme, though. Not so sure.
SWS is definitely not the cause - current REAPER ReWorked even comes with that version preinstalled. I will fix this error, but regarding the second issue with folders I can't be really sure what is going on. Can you supply an example project so I can take a look? Thanks you!

edit: no need for example project, I can see it too. I will check it out but in short - you nailed it - it seems this has to do with the theme - folder layouts get this line and it looks like that in the layout itself.

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