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Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
That's mixer FX Rack. You can show it/hide it with the shortcut 'F' or by right-clicking mixer master track and selecting Show mixer FX rack....

I left it loaded in template projects so it doesn't go missed but you can hide it and all these tracks will disappear from your project. You can then proceed to resave project templates so you never see it again.

If you would use it, you would put all your lovely favorite fxs and instruments in it and then save it as track template so every time you press F, you would be able to load the rack in the mixer and simply drag and drop these around your project.

User guide, page 8, has information on where and how to save it so it sticks:

I personally have it fully populated and all of my FX are set offline but I key-binded this REAPER ReWorked script:
Script: Track FX - Set last offline FX in mixer track online and float (show at mouse cursor...).lua
to my mouse so whenever I drag some offline FX from mixer FX rack, I just hover my mouse over the track where I draged FX and run that script once so it puts last offline FX online. Works a treat!
Honestly, I do not know what 'Mixer FX Rack' is and what that script does. Completely lost me. That is some advanced stuff or is it your preference? Never heard of Rack FX before. Is it some "analogue implementation" or something.

Honestly, you need a manual for ReWorked. This thing is huge and filled with options!
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