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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
Honestly, I do not know what 'Mixer FX Rack' is and what that script does. Completely lost me. That is some advanced stuff or is it your preference? Never heard of Rack FX before. Is it some "analogue implementation" or something.

Honestly, you need a manual for ReWorked. This thing is huge and filled with options!
It's 5 tracks that are meant to hold your FX and the shortcut 'F' will show them/hide them. You populate them with FX you want to use and then save them as track template (explained in the user guide), you can see it in action here (image)

Regarding manual - if/when I get enough funds from donations and premium content purchases I will definitely hire someone to write it (volunteers can PM me immediately). I'm personally too involved in many things to even begin writing it. But I do have an idea on how it should be written so it's as short and as concise as possible so neither the person who will write it, nor me, nor the users, waste their time...because music

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