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Originally Posted by TechDAWg View Post
I've tried Reaper Reworked on my MAC knowing that it had been developed for Windows. As expected some features don't work especially when it implies finding folders (Ex: 'Show Track Icons Folder...' 'Action List'). I love the way the menus have been reorganized but I think the tool icons are useless. They're too small and it's hard to figure out what function or action they symbolize). Will Reworked be reworked to be usable on Mac?
I think REAPER ReWorked should work on Mac if you replace extensions with mac versions. All of the extensions are installed through ReaPack so that shouldn't be a problem. Besides downloading ReaPack to install the extensions, you should only download latest SWS pre-release and that should be it.

I don't know if I will rework it for the Mac - the fix isn't hard to do (extensions and folders) and I think all other scripts should work on Mac without any problem, but I don't even have a Mac so it would be a hassle at this point to keep it all updated. To be honest with you - if I don't earn enough from this, I will definitely not be dealing with Mac because I don't use Macs. I hear Junkie XL uses Macs - if he calls and buys 10 commercial licences I might do something about it. Other than that, I highly doubt it.

Regarding icons...I don't know what to say - most of these are the default icons that come with REAPER and functions are quite standard. You are always free to edit it for your own needs or even hide the toolbars if they bother you. If you hide the top toolbar it will stay hidden, and if you want to remove those Main toolbar icons, just resize the TCP and resave any screensets that you use and that should do it.

Or just duplicate the main toolbar to one of the free toolbars and use that as a replacement.

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