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Updated to 1.355 (requires REAPER 6.01 or above)

v1.355 (December 18, 2019) (requires REAPER 6.01 or above)
  + Theme: Updates splash for REAPER ReWorked version of the default 6 theme (switch themes with 'Scroll lock' shortcut to load if updating)
  + Toolbars: All grid toolbars now respect triplet/doted/swing toggle states and the option to sync MIDI editor grid with arrange grid
  + Toolbars: Added toolbar button to toggle swing grid in top toolbar and MIDI editor toolbar
  + Toolbars: Updated Main toolbar (Alt #1 & #2) and MIDI editor toolbar
  + Menus: Added 'Adjust swing grid' to all snap menus
  + Menus: Added 'Adjust peak gain' to all peaks menus
  + Menus: Added 'Enable track playback offset' to all track menus
  + Menus: Removed menu entries in MIDI editor to load custom note color map (REAPER 6.02 removed this setting)
  + Menus: More MIDI editor menu cleanups
  + Actions: Turning on 'Set insert length to grid' will disable 'Options: Drawing or selecting a note sets the new note length'
  + Shortcuts: Added shortcut 'Alt+Shift+I' to toggle solo in front
  + Shortcuts: Added shortcut 'Alt+Shift+Mousewheel' to adjust swing grid
  + Shortcuts: Added shortcut 'Ctrl+Shift+Mousewheel' to adjust peaks display gain
  + Shortcuts: Added some shortcuts from MIDI editor numpad editing section where applicable in arrange (not too many in case of docked MIDI editor when what is focused might not be too clear)
  + Extensions: Added a special SWS build that includes latest updates needed for this update to work. These updates will be included in the next SWS pre-release.
  + Installer: Decreased installer size

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