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Originally Posted by KuulArt View Post
Yes, I am on MacOS 10.14.5. I have them in Data/toolbar_icons/REAPER ReWorked.

I have copied scripts folder, but not yet imported keymaps. Thanks for the explanations!
OK, OSX is not supported and completely untested so you will have to DIY on this one. Try opening REAPER ReWorked menuset - it's backed up in MenuSets, and replace all REAPER ReWorked\\ strings into REAPER ReWorked// (notice the different delimiter) and then try importing that). This is just a wild guess cause I don't have OSX so I can't really test, but this is the only thing that came to mind that could somehow influence this. Sorry for the "not-sure-if-it-works-or-not" answer but I simply don't use OSX and have no means to test this in that environment.
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