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Default Coding Porn?

I'm wondering if this insanely lucrative webcam porn mechanic couldn't somehow work for coders? It sounds like a joke, but why not?

When you're feeling like doing some work anyway, set up a screen share with chat and while you code, people can watch, learn, encourage, donate, make requests & suggestions...

It would be nice if script requests were both more collaborative and worth coders' time. I'm pretty sure it's often the case that multiple similar requests are being handled by multiple coders simultaneously and the audience for these scripts is limited to who noticed and took and interest in the thread.

A good request could be met with reasonable price bids from coders, and then it would be up to the community to pool enough money and ideas into making a really polished tool that more than a few people are likely to find and use.

Currently the primary way I discover most of these scripts in ReaPack is if they are named super accurately (kind of rare, unfortunately, I suppose due to all the different languages we speak) and I can easily find them by searching Actions. So that's quite a lot of work that just seems to languish in obscurity.

I think a live coding feed would also help people to appreciate the amount of work that goes into it behind the scenes. Since so much of this work is done for free, I think we've all gotten a bit spoiled and maybe don't realize the value we're getting.

I also think a lot of people shy away from even trying these abundant and free tools because they perceive scripting as "hacky," "buggy," "tacked-on," or "unintuitive." preferring to make repeated FR's to Cockos for "native implementation."

The answer to this is not more and more scripts, but more polished, integrated and seamless scripts, that are not the result of someone's limited enthusiasm and free time, but a group effort at a high quality toolset.

Because I cannot pay $100 for a custom script that only I use and $10 is hardly worth your time, but if 100 people want the same thing and they're all willing to throw $1-$100 toward it, then everybody wins, no?
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