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I think the idea of crowd funding useful scripts is an excellent one, as someone who could not script his way out of a paper bag (to stretch a metaphor) I would certainly be actively donating.

Until then, here's a few requests that I'd happily donate for directly, and I suspect some of them could be made quite easily by tweaking existing scripts (or perhaps they exist and I'm looking in the wrong place, I have the SWS extensions and ReaPack) -

'Set all notes in selected item(s) to grid length', to be used from the main arrange window on whichever midi items are selected.

A proper 'split on click' modifier for the midi editor. I have a modifier set to alt-click in the midi editor for splitting notes - I've tried any number of custom action combinations and I'm unable to make it cut the SELECTED notes, it seems to reset the selection on click, so I can either have it cut only the note I click on regardless of selection, or ALL the notes that cross the mouse cursor point horizontally. See this thread for more info if curious -

- If this can't be scripted directly, then another way to solve this would be if I could 'arm' a midi toolbar button via a keyboard shortcut from the midi editor, as I've managed to create a toolbar action that does exactly what I've described, but I have to manually arm it by right clicking every time making it more cumbersome than it's worth. There doesn't seem to be a way of arming it with a shortcut from the midi editor. Alt-click would be more elegant though.

'Set all midi items to always mix by default' this would be a global startup action, and would ideally affect all midi parts including those being recorded, so they always mix with other midi parts already on the track.

Also - a 'select all notes on/not on grid' action that follows the current grid selection would be cool, although not as urgent a need.
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