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OK,I have done some more testing and here's what I found:

- Yes,you can draw events with the left mouse button,but you have to DRAG it to do this.The approach in FLStudio is much better: you click on an event or resize it,the length of that note gets remembered and every time you add a new one it draws

The best way to do this in REAPER is make it work the same way as in FLStudio.
Also,if snapping to grid is turned on,you can hold SHIFT and resize it freely in length,bypassing snap settings.

- Your screenshot looks OK,but here's what I get on my machine with .939
(XPSP2 with the default REAPER theme by Justin):

- The colors in the MIDI editor should be separate from the main audio app.If I change the white to green,the audio items will look like crap

- You can loop-select,but there's no cursor in the MIDI editor to keep track of the playback and I don't like saving to file every time I exit the editor.

- I don't like the idea of double-click to delete.Accidental double-clicks happen quite often and you can screw up things.
Right-click works better (and safer).

- "I can select mutiple items with ctrl + left click without problems as I would do in Windows Explorer."

I cannot do this on my machine,no matter what I try

eidenk,can you post the ReaperTheme you're using in that screenshot,so I can try it out and see if I can get the grid to look as in your screenshot?

eidenk,are you using .939 with the MIDI editor,or the patch from Justin for .938?
Or maybe .940?
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