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OK,tried 0.940.Here's what's missing:

- I would like an option to change the area (box) selection from Alt+RightClick to Shift+LeftClick for both Audio and MIDI editing.

It seems you didn't understand what I was talking about: not selecting multiple MIDI events one by one (that works well),but selecting a "boxed" area - as the Alt+Right-Click does now.

- It's not possible to draw a 1/64 event correctly.It draws a 1/48 or 1/96 item instead. 1/32 can be drawn perfectly,but when going smaller,the 1/32-size area resolution is divided into 3 parts,so there's no way of drawing 1/2 of a 1/32 event.
More precision is needed.For example,in FL Studio,when you hold the "Alt" key while dragging,you can freely adjust the length with very high resolution (precision),so even 1 / 256 is possible to draw easily. Very fine "granulation" is mainly important for drums.

- There should be horizontal dividing lines between octaves in the piano roll,like in FLS.

- Also,the black keys area should be a bit darker,like in FLS 6 : "View note helpers" / FLS 5 "Show black Keys"

- A quick quantize,without popping up the quantize settings window,as in FLS.

- You can't resize multiple selected events all at once,as in FLS

- There should be shortcut keys to transpose up/down by 1 octave.

- A paint tool is needed
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