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You can see possible strings here:

But you can also use REAPER 5 API to change MIDI events position without changing their indexes. (same thing that applies to BR_Env functions applies here...FNG_MIDI stuff is using chunks so may be slower than native functions so choose wisely (in short, use BR_Env and FNG_MIDI only when you can't do it without native API (chunk API not included since doing chunks from ReaScript will be slower than doing them from C++ )

reaper.MIDI_SetNote(MediaItem_Take take ... boolean noSortInOptional)
So if you pass noSortInOptional as true, indexes won't change. Once done, you just have to call MIDI_Sort()
reaper.MIDI_Sort(MediaItem_Take take)
Regarding chunks vs separate functions - while I always recommend not using chunks if possible, please take into account that I love to micro optimize prematurely (that's a bad thing, lol) - so don't listen to me, instead profile stuff before optimization. For example, if you use some of FNG/SWS midi actions that change CC lanes or MIDI notes you will notice that you have to have a HUUUUUUUUUUGE number of MIDI events before you actually notice a slowdown inherent in chunks. Not to mention Jeffos' chunk parser which we use throughout the extension for a lot of stuff, and we're yet to hear from someone about how slow it is

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