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At present (v5.60rc), moving or copying media items together with automation items is an uncomfortable mixture of
* The old option "Envelope points move with media items", and
* Selection status of automation items.

If the option is inactive, no automation (not even selected AIs) move with MIs.
If the option is active, selected AIs (even those outside the MI boundaries) move with the MI, but UNselected AIs below the MI also move (even those in hidden envelope lanes).

I think it would be useful if unselected AIs could (optionally?) be excluded from moving/copying/duplicating actions, similar to how unselected MIs are ignored.** This would allow the user to accurately specify which MIs and automation should be moved or copied.

EDIT: Continuing the theme of selected vs unselected AIs:

The right-drag mouse modifier action "Select items and time" currently selects non-visible AIs in hidden envelope lanes. I suggest that hidden lanes should be skipped, similar to how media items in hidden tracks are skipped.

** EDIT 2: When "Envelope points move with media items" is DISabled, non-AI envelopes as well as unselected AIs should be ignored, but selected AIs and selected MIs should work together, similar to how selected MIs work together: they move together, stretch together, split together, Ctrl+leftdrag copy/split "selected area within time selection" together, etc.

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