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Originally Posted by rluka View Post
I think I know what the problem is. Just cant figure out how to solve it!! Im using a Zoom B3 going into the Scarlet Solo. The balanced "out" (zoom) goes into the balanced "in" (mic input 1 on the Solo) The mono "out" on the Zoom goes into channel 2(instrument) Channel one is used for recording and channel two as a monitor with effects (not being recorded) And somehow there is a loop or one channel leaking into the other (not exactly sure) This works really well (just the leakage is a problem)..Im wondering that maybe there is something wrong with the Zoom B3.

Thanks for your input
Ron L
Don't know anything about that unit but if you plug a guitar straight into one of the inputs on the focusrite and nothing into the other, set a track for each to record on reaper then play - you can test if the leakage is at the interface
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