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Originally Posted by Tale View Post
No, that is OK. However, your BUNDLE_MFR (and BUNDLE_NAME) shouldn't contain spaces.
Sorry for digging out that old thread...
but i ran into similar issues and finally found the reason for it.
All of a sudden i got crashes with Reaper on Mac while scanning my plug. First it seemed to be some graphics related issue because i got a break at bitmap loadings. After a whole day of bug hunting which lead me into every line of code of my creation i just found out that a simple "-" added in my BUNDLE_MFR name in the resource.h caused the whole trouble!
I checked this with the IPlugEffect example and got the same crashes.
But the issue is not the added character itself but rather that the BUNDLE_MFR didn't corespondend to the project .plist bundle names from the python duplication script anymore!
I didn't notice that Mac related bug because i developed on Win most time before.

So i just want to spread the info that one has to be careful when editing any of these resource.h definitions.
Maybe that kind of info could be included in upcoming releases of wdl-ol.
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