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Ah, your post made me realize that the js_Option - Switching active take sets channel for new events to channel of existing events.lua script was not yet compatible with multi-item tracks. I have uploaded a new version 1.10 that should work better.

To quote from the script's Description:
To find the channel, the script will first search through the newly active take to find MIDI events with usable channel info. If no such MIDI events are found (for example if the take is still empty) the script will search through other takes in the same track.

If no MIDI events are found anywhere in the track, the script will check whether the track has any MIDI sends, and will use the MIDI destination channel of the sends, if any.

(Therefore, by setting a MIDI send channel before drawing new MIDI events in the track, the send channel will act as the default channel for MIDI events in the track.)
If this new version does not solve your problem, could you please give some more details? (By "track channel" and "item channel", do you mean the send destination channel of the track or item, or do you mean the channel of the MIDI events inside the track or item?)
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