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Default MIDI_Sort extends non-overlapping notes that end in Note-Ons with vel=0 (FIXED)

Overlapping notes are notorious for causing havoc on ReaScripts. More ominously, some bug reports have reported that even non-overlapping notes can become extended when running ReaScripts:

Using MIDI_SetNote with noSort=true to move notes onto same pitch

SetNote Bug on Not Overlapping Notes?

This may have something to do with notes ending in Note-Ons with velocity=0 instead of Note-Offs, as the following GIF demonstrates:

This behavior may also be related to another (fixed) bug in which Note-On note-ends were inadvertently treated as normal note starts instead of Note-Offs:

Weird MIDI velocities problem [FIXED]

Edit Velocity via mousewheel bug (FIXED)

EDIT: I suggest that these ReaScript bugs should be regarded as urgent, since they seriously undermine users' confidence in ReaPack scripts (Reaper for Orchestral work). Not only do they trash a MIDI item's notes, but they can also cause REAPER to hang - as if the MIDI editor is trying to figure out how to arrange the MIDI data, but failing. Even a classic script such as spk77's Velocity/CC Tool is victim to these bugs and is therefore avoided by some users (MIDI CC compress/expand tool, available?).

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