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Default Theme: "Unempty Minima 73 (MRP MOD)" - Dark & Colorful

"Unempty Minima 73 - MRP MOD" - A new take on a classic theme

DOWNLOAD v1.15 (updated on 6/02/2019): (It's too big for the REAPER stash, sorry. About 8MB.)

I've been using Unempty Minima 73 for many years now. It's dark, colorful and easy on the eyes for long sessions.
But I thought it deserved some improvements, so I went ahead and changed some things and also added brand new
elements to help modernize its look as well as its workflow capabilities.
Let me know what you think about it! Scroll past the pictures for the changelog.


Track Control Panels - Large:

Track Control Panels - Small:

VU Meters:

Mixer Control Panels - Extended:

Mixer Control Panels - Small:

Media Items:

Envelope Colors:

Inline MIDI Editor:

MIDI Editor:


Changelog for v1.00:


- Color-coding is used frequently throughout the theme to help quickly identify states and values. Volume = green, mute = yellow, pan = teal, etc.
- Colors are contrasted as best I can to discern between parameters and values in even the most complex sessions

- Completely rewritten WALTER maximizes available Track/Mixer/Envelope Control Panel space to show as many elements as possible
- Taller TCP & MCP labels now fully display characters such as: g, j, p, q, y, _
- TCP's VU meters move and adjust their size to fit much smaller TCP widths and heights
- TCP elements now always line up vertically, regardless of folder depth and folder status
- Transport elements re-arranged and color-coded
- Transport info box text is larger and easy to read (Tempo, Time, Selection)

- New background images for volume and pan readout text
- Volume fader now matches MCP fader (slightly shorter to fit into TCP)
- Volume and pan readout text color adjusted to match respective control
- VU meters visible even with maximally-collapsed sub-folder tracks


- New background colors for unselected & selected ECPs make selection status more clear
- Fader thumb is a slightly darker variation of the TCP volume thumb to help differentiate it from TCP


- Brighter, more vibrant colors for toolbars, buttons and icons
- Buttons and icons are greyed-out and slightly transparent when they're disabled/bypassed (reduces visual clutter)
- Rounded-out edges and borders on many icons for a smoother look
- Increased visibility between mouse-over states for 3-slice toolbars and icons. (Lighter when mouse-over, darker when mouse-down)
- New I/O "arrow" icons for all possible "master/send/receive" states for tracks
- New volume and pan knobs, featuring unique animation frames for min, unity and max gain states (volume knob) and 100% left, center and 100% right pan states (pan knob)
- Volume knob features visual indicators for min, unity and max gain
- New FX parameter knob
- FX knob features visual indicators for min and max values (no "unity" frame nor marker since FX values and ranges can vary)
- New Input FX button ([iFX]) displayed on both TCP and MCP
- New "track number" background for TCP and MCP

- Larger separation between left and right channels to improve legibility of meter text on TCPs & MCPs
- Meter text color adjustments
- Clip indicator text is now green if not clipped, red if clipped

- All VUs feature new, unique colors for identifying more signal & record-arm states (normal, rec-arm, clipped):
- meter normal_background
- meter normal_lit
- meter normal_clip_background
- meter normal_clip_lit
- meter record-arm_background
- meter record-arm_lit
- meter record-arm_clip_background
- meter record-arm_clip_lit

- New RMS colors for Master VU

- Media Items have a light border to improve edge editing
- Selected Media Items have slight yellow border (matches TCP selected border)
- Media Item background and waveform color tweaks
- New Media Item icons derived from main interface icons (lock, mute, FX)
- New volume/velocity knob, based on the design of the new TCP volume knob
- Adjusted fade-in/out and cross-fade colors for clarity

- Darker arrange background colors
- Gridline color adjustments (very tedious to get right)
- Marker, Region & Time Signature Marker and respective background color tweaks
- Loop point and time selection color adjustments

- Replaced play, stop, record, etc. buttons with edited versions of Tallisman's "reaBendo [R5mkII]" theme buttons, found here:
- Play, stop, record, etc. buttons adjusted to make more obvious when mouse-over, pressed or engaged
- New color-coding for info boxes & related text: Tempo, Time Signature, Play Rate, Status, Start, End, Length
- New green vari-speed knob, which displays a red "!" if they play speed is not equal to 1
- New, wider "global automation" buttons, color-coded to match TCP & MCP automation icon colors
- Smoother transport background gradient

- Rearranged icons to match general look of TCP icons
- New border graphics surrounding I/O, envelope and FX icons to reflect TCP appearance

- New send gain graphics:
- Taller than usual to improve legibility of the send text between the left and right channels
- Send gain colors match TCP VU colors: green/teal/blue for signals under 0.0dB, red for signals over 0.0dB
- Send text is yellow when muted, to match TCP & MCP mute button color

- New send gain knob, based on the design of the new TCP volume knob
- New Extended Mixer images for empty FX, parameter and send slots
- New Extended Mixer images for occupied FX, parameter and send slots
- New Extended Mixer backgrounds, including rectangular bar for adjusting height of FX, parameter and send areas

- New icons
- New note background colors

- New midi_note_colormap.png (found in main image directory)
- Colors adjusted to match overall color scheme of main interface
- New "midi item bounds" indicator shows start and end of item

- New Folder collapse/expand icon
- New icons derived from main interface icons (lock, record-arm, mute, solo)

- Dark background to prevent eye fatigue
- Element colors match main interface colors when applicable

- New tab images for unselected & selected tabs (project tabs, docker tabs, etc.)

Changelog for v1.01:
- Slightly taller transport
- Fixed misaligned BPM button



- Envelope Control Panels: elements overlap in unintended ways when the ECP's parent TCP is a sub-track in a Folder TCP
- Vari-Speed Knob: When playback speed is 1.00600, REAPER does not display the "!" frame warning the user of non 1 play speed
- Master MCP: Does not have its own "mcp_fxparm" images, so it falls back on the MCP image, causing it to stretch



Please let me know if you find anything broken or out-of-place. Thanks!

- Mike
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