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Originally Posted by serr View Post
Light reinforcement in a small club is cool. You'd be bummed for an outdoor gig, for example, where you needed to make a full mix.
Somewhere this has gone off track - I am not interested in doing FOH sound, I will be solely recording the live gig. The FOH side of things is their problem.

Price goes as low as $600
In Australia? Where, send me the link. I've only found one dealer selling it so far and that is DJ City.

the x32 rack for $300 more gets you actual mix capability
Since I am just recording the live gig the mixing part is a bit redundant, I just need to get audio onto/into wav files.

Seems to be a handful of options here nowadays for eyebrow raising low prices that didn't exist a couple years ago.

Fully un-trainable.
Read you loud and clear there Houston! The muso who I will be doing the first recording project for, he owns a lot of gear. But he has a habit of going the cheapest route he possibly can, with the exception of mic's, oddly he always brought good quality mic's - Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Beyer etc. I was shocked when he showed me his new M88, I thought 'Shit some sales guy was good enough to jackhammer open his wallet". Heh

In his defence, he doesn't make a whole bunch of money from what he does, think he ends up with very little actually, he does a hell of a lot of charity gigs at no cost - he just loves playing and singing.
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