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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
I suspect the problem is that some extension functions are not properly handling receiving NULLs from scripts, which was never a problem before because a bug on our side prevented it from happening. If that is the case, we might have to make the feature (optional parameters for extension-provided functions) officially not allowed.
It seem the problem lies with parameters that use the "Out" suffix -- not "Optional" -- such as "double* versionOut". Previously, such *output* parameters did not require any arguments in Lua, are were automatically provided with a proper pointer for the parameter type. In this dev version, they seem to be handled similar to Optional *input* parameters, and are given NULL pointers.

Functions such as JS_ReaScriptAPI_Version, which use "Out" parameters will now only work in Lua if the function is provided with a dummy variable:
(Another issue that I noticed, is that void* (or should it be void**?) parameters do not yet work with the Optional suffix in Lua.)
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