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"Draw edit ignoring snap" is fixed as well, thank you

There is still something off with "Move segment" obeying time selection, though. It does create points at the time selection edges, but the end point should not be moved away from the original value, so that after the time selection the original value is still valid:

This modifier doesn't seem to work at all when "Allow selecting a single event in a CC lane with a mouse click" (Mouse modifiers, CC lane context) is disabled.

I've got another issue with it that I might have failed to explain in the previous post. Move CC segment always works on all visible channels. It should obey the setting of the filter fields instead:
(channel 1 is yellow, channel 2 is blue)

Please move all channels only if this field is set to "All channels".

Note that, even if it's intended behavior (for whatever reason) that channel 2 events are moved in this szenario, there is an error at the time selection start of the blue events, it failed to create events on time selection edges for channel 2.
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