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Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
This seems almost completly similar with the screenshot I posted in #8.

The only difference is that glue length wasn't set from time selection (but really not a big deal to add it),

and internally the script used most direct way to offline items (instead of freezing tracks wich is slow) and backup files.

Here is the result if there was a time selection:

(source is first track, edited copy to glue is second track).

It seems it only miss a way to restrict item length is source is shorter but this kind of thing isn't that quick to implement. Using Item: Propagate to all similarly-named items seems to be enough anyway.
Oh haha. I see what happened here. Looking again at the gif you shared originally, I realize now that I thought all of the different colors were different items, and it looked like after gluing, there were still a bunch of separate items. Now I realize that you just have some sort of color coding to the files' wave data (I'm guessing based on frequency, and there are several sine waves at different frequencies in the file?), and that you actually just did a crossfade of two items and replaced the original item with the edited result.

And yeah, propagating the new source file length to other items using it isn't a big deal.

So yes, it does seem that this is what I was hoping to achieve. Sorry for the confusion/misunderstanding!

Please do let me know if/when you have the script available for this. It would be a huge help/time saver. And thanks again!
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