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I'd like to point out that you will not find a better free Rock Piano sound than the one in the SQ8L !

I have Ensoniq ESQ-1 and ESQ-M (same as ESQ-1 but rackmount) synths and I use their piano constantly. Never had an SQ80, but I'm convinced that the piano is even a little better than the ESQ-1. Maybe not better just different? Now I have two really good piano sounds.

The vintage Ensoniq's have both pearls and turds so you can overlook it easily in the SQ8L...but the piano simply ROCKS! It's patch# is (in bank) B10...I think. This is bread and butter for me.

Thanks for posting the links.
I'm with you, Oatmeal is a current favorite even though it crashes sometimes, mainly if you're auditioning and changing sounds during play.

Great list.
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