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Originally Posted by fifthcolumn View Post
oh dont forget nebula for mix down.
I'm getting to the FX stuff later, it will take a serious amount of time testing and A/B-ing all the FX-plugs I have laying around. But I'll say up front that I never got into Nebula. I only just recently started using convolution stuff so there you have it

Originally Posted by RayDAider View Post
I'd like to point out that you will not find a better free Rock Piano sound than the one in the SQ8L !

I have Ensoniq ESQ-1 and ESQ-M (same as ESQ-1 but rackmount) synths and I use their piano constantly. Never had an SQ80, but I'm convinced that the piano is even a little better than the ESQ-1. Maybe not better just different? Now I have two really good piano sounds.
I hear you, I bought my ESQ-1 back in the days specifically for that piano sound.... and for the gritty fairlight-like choir sample of course

Originally Posted by l0calh05t View Post
There's a great free piano multisample set here: (Giga format, which Kontakt can load)
A sample-kit in a format that only loads into a commercial sampler kinda defeats the purpose of 'going freeware'
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