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Originally Posted by technogremlin View Post
I'm getting to the FX stuff later, it will take a serious amount of time testing and A/B-ing all the FX-plugs I have laying around. But I'll say up front that I never got into Nebula. I only just recently started using convolution stuff so there you have it

I hear you, I bought my ESQ-1 back in the days specifically for that piano sound.... and for the gritty fairlight-like choir sample of course

A sample-kit in a format that only loads into a commercial sampler kinda defeats the purpose of 'going freeware'
From the site "The only freeware that can read this format are Synthfont and Linux Sampler, and they are not easy to use." So free software IS available. A possible alternative might be

EDIT: I see someone else already posted that link...
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