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Default SWS extensions won't install.

Sorry, chaps, but I can't get the SWS install to work on my MacPro. (Strangely, the keyword "SWS" yields zero results in the entire Cockos forum--?-- and I suppose I could search every page of this sticky thread for the word "install" to trblsht this, but that's too much time for me.)
Here's what I did. Three times:

- I went to to download 2.,6.0 #0, and open the install.

- I close Reaper and the install (whose GUI I find a bit messy and baffling btw,---are those arrows asking me to drag-and-drop? do I just double click on the Install icon? move what where?) seems to install fine:
~ /Volumes/SWS_Extension\ 1/Install.command ; exit; logout [Process completed]

- And I check and ensure the reaper_sws.dylib is in my ~/Library/App Support/Reaper/User Plugins folder.

- I launch Reaper, enter SWS in the Filter Entry Field of either the Action list or in an Add FX window, and nothing shows up.
Install fail.

MacPro 10.8.5
Reaper 64, v4.22
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