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Have other users too crackle in play of audio files in SWS Region Playlist 32bit Version reaper 4.77 ?. I use win 7 64-

When i do in a SWS list that play bars 3.1.00 to 4.1.00 30 times for test and i use only a .ogg bass sound track and reverb i get red bar on transport and crackle every 20-60 sec, even with 40 ms latency. When i set a play region in reaper at the same bars and i play with the build in loop play of reaper the same bars, i get with latency of 5 ms no crackle. I test 32 bit reaper version. so reaper seem not the problem when use direct. But wy this crackle happen with SWS ?. if want see i can do a video
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