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Default Little Latency on Transport buttons

Hi guys,

I am using Reaper for live keyboards and also supplied click for the band lately. I figured that if I use Reaper transport to sync the click to the band, there is a small latency between pressing play and the first click to kick in. The audio buffer is on 128 and live plugins are fine. It is just the transport and I guess it is something around 100ms. Not severe for recording but if you need to restart the click with the band playing, this is a killer. Is there a setting that changes this behavior? As a workaround I actually used maschine in standalone parallel to reaper to do the click. This additionally gives the opportunity to use the jog wheel of the maschine to set the bpm. Something I lose when maschine is used as a plugin in reaper. Also maschine play function as slave in reaper shows this delay, but it is not related to maschine. It already happens with the reaper transport function triggered by any midi controller.

Thanks for your help

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